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Formerly The Joe Rinehart Biography Page!

Vietnamese kids who taught me chopsticks at the mess hall

You can learn a little bit about both my personal and professional life from the biography that I've written and update every now and then.

60 - born on February, 14th, 1957, in Columbus, OHIO

Office Address:
Config.Com, Inc.
P.O. Box 1044
Ravenna, Ohio 44266-1044

TEL: 330.297.9595

689 State Route 212 NW
Bolivar, Ohio, USA. 44612-8542

Android: 330.389.1192

Childhood Home:
5400 Lakewood Rd.
Ravenna, Ohio, USA. 44266-9511

2 miles east of the Kent State University Dix Stadium on beautiful Lake Hodgson. Chances are I'm out sailing! NOTE:  My father retired in 2008 and sold his cemetery businesses so I'm no longer associated with my childhood and early adult home address.

5'10", Brown hair, Blue Eyes, 185-200 lbs.

Family Status:
Divorced in 1980. Remarried Feb 14th, 1998! I have two children from my first marriage. Edlyn (Beaners) was born July 9, 1977 exactly 1 year from my Marine Corps honorable discharge and James (Jamie) who was born July 10th, 1980.

Rose Ebner Bond Rinehart has been my best friend and companion daily since Aug. 1993. Rose and I married on Feb 14th 1998. Rose is also the office manager and a principal of and manages my busy schedule. Rose has three children from her previous marriage named Edwin, Kyle, and Shannon who all carry their fathers surname of Bond and they currently live in Lorton, Virginia. The boys enjoy visiting with us and playing network games whenever possible;^)

On October 16th 1997 Rose and I became parents once again with a beautiful boy we named Jeremiah Warez. On March 24th 2006 Rose and I had a beautiful girl we named Shoshanna Joy.

Beaners (Edlyn) graduated from Roosevelt High School, Kent, Ohio '95 and has married with four children!

Jamie (James) often helps me around the office renovating and whatever else needs done. Because he works near our facility, he often stops in just to say hello. The day before this writing he bought the pizza;^) I guess since James is now working two jobs, it's really amazing he even has time to visit. James hooked up with Jill and they had a baby boy they named Cameron. On Oct 14th 2009, I was given the opportunity to drive Jill home form the hospital with a baby boy her and James named William to honor my deceased brother Billy.

My mother Eleanor Alexander resides in Florida and also has a home in Bolivar, Ohio. Bolivar, Ohio is rich in American history since it hosted an American Fort before the American Revolution. Also nearby is Zoar, Ohio which had an interesting history in the development of the Ohio Erie Canal and was proven to be the only successful communist community example in American history. The Greenville Treaty line also runs through the property and one corner is a rare " transportation & communications intersection" including: RT 212 which was an Indian Trail to the West of Fort Laurens in the 1700's, The The Ohio-Erie Canal (1830's), Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad (1860's to present), old Western Union railroad cable with a few blue glass insulators still on the pole(s), modern telephone pole which includes fiber optic, and I'd like to think a satellite is also above in the sky ;)  I moved my residence here November 1st 2010.

The first white man to settle in Ohio was Fredrick Post a Moravian missionary. The Delaware Indians of the Turtle tribe gave him their best land in exchange for teaching their youth which was on the North side of the bend in the Tuscarawas river in what is now Stark County. I had a chance to explore and visit the site with a good friend Larry Kieple who lives nearby in the Summer of 1999.

My father Sheridan L. Rinehart established and managed a couple of cemeteries until he retied in 2008 at the age of 80 with one being Grandview Memorial Park in Ravenna, Ohio and another being Fairview Memorial Park in the Columbus - Delaware, Ohio area. He now resides in Green, Ohio within sight of one of the Portage Lakes.

My brother Marcus S. Rinehart is one year younger than me. Mark is married to Karen and they manage to rear three boys together. Mark works as a computer graphics artist specializing in economic forecast graphs. They live in the Green, Ohio area.

My youngest brother William S. Rinehart passed away shortly after his 43rd birthday in Bolivar in 2003, Ohio where he lived with my Stepfather Robert (Bob) Alexander and Mom. He was also a BBS Sysop and spent much of his time at the keyboard. Bill and I founded the GlobalPeace.Net project which resulted from a brainstorming session on what we thought the greatest possible name which people could least forget of a domain on the Internet. Billy suggested World Peace and I of course researched this further and obtained the domain Global Peace.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that even if we didn't do anything commercially with the domain, we might be able to use it to stimulate positive thought with any visitors. This is what we've used the domain for to date. It is our dream, that we create a non-profit organization designed to raise funding to cover the cost of hosting and publishing services for other non-profits or socially conscience projects. Any excess of this goal would be given away to worthy charitable organizations that indeed maintain a history of using the majority of their revenue for Global contributions toward achieving Peace rather than paying a high overhead or contract fee for their fundraising efforts!

I have a half-sister Christine (Rhodeback) Kohler whom we share the same mother and two step brothers Fred and John Alexander.

I also have several good friends but if I would comment about them all you'd still be transmitting this page;^) Suffice it to say, I am surrounded by good people which I enjoy sharing time, thought, and energy with.

Favorite Book:

The Celestine Prophecy - An Adventure - by James Redfield - Published by Warner Books (A Time Warner Company)


Sailing, Sushi & Shoshanna (This is an old joke, but now I have a daughter named Shoshanna, so it's not as funny anymore)
I also find time to read and study communications oriented articles. My greatest ambition is to be able to sail my 20' Highlander sailboat with a cell or satellite phone connected to a notebook and not have to show up at work;^) I also have a 1957 Sunfish sailboat serial number 1005.


2017: We bought our daughter SHoshanna a Golden Retriever in 2017 and she named him Air bud.

(1995) 1 Russian Blue female Cat named Minka by a Latvian client (My last cat). I recently had to give my Doberman (always in my heart, a puppy) away which was named Shlomo by a former roommate. I just didn't have time to take care of him as my life became busier so I gave him to a good home. Update: I inherited a collie beagle mixed breed dog named Ronnie that my brother had when he died.  Ronnie we assume ran away to die in April  of 2008 as he never came back. I'm now left with an aquarium which is stocked with Angle fish, Neon tetras, German Blue rams, and such

Work History:
President, Config.Com, Inc. 01/00 to present.
Vice- President, Config.Com, Inc. 12/98 to 01/00 (restructured from config.sys Productions, LLC which is now the trade name config.sys productions) 5/95 - 10/98
Internet and CD-ROM consultant, Interactive Multimedia Publishers,Inc. 11/94 - 11/95
CEO & VP of marketing for config.sys International, Inc. 7/93 - 10/94
President, E-TAX, Inc., 3/92-3/94
President, Sail Ohio, Inc. Worthington, OH. 1982-1989 (during the Ohio Winters, I worked at two sushi bars (Otani, and Sakura, in Columbus, OH) and The Worthington Inn, Worthington, Ohio as a waiter and bartender.
Vice President, Grandview Memorial Park & Mausoleum, Inc. Ravenna, Ohio, 1975-2008
Vice President, Fairview Memorial Park, Inc., Columbus, Ohio 1982-2008

Computer background:

My brother Bill first introduced me to his Commodore computer around 1984. I played a bit and found an interest in the C-NET. When father purchased an XT for his cemetery in 1988 no one knew how to operate it. I entered a database of over 3,000 clients from my SAIL OHIO biz over a period of several months. That following spring when I mailed out my yearly brochures, I realized what used to take me about two weeks of handwriting envelopes, now took less than an hour. That was it for me...I couldn't help but wonder what else these things would do. After I closed the sailing biz on the last day of the eighties to be closer to my children, I went to work for the cemetery. My first task was to help supervise a database system for the cemetery. Not having a formal computer background, I decided to buy a modem so that I could get answers to my questions via FidoNet. As a SysOp, I subscribed and read many echoes (newsgroups in internet language). Failing to file my taxes in 1990, I went to an IRS electronic filing seminar to learn an easier way to file yearly. The next thing I knew I had written a 180 page document describing in-depth how to file electronically without going to H&R Block and found myself creating a service bureau designed for BBS Users. The first year found modest profits and a franchise in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. A former roommate (Carl Knorr) who graduated cum laude in accounting at Kent State quit his job to help develop the E-TAX business. In the process of raising funds in mid '93 we placed an article on the internet to sell about 15 CD-ROM titles. Overnight we received 87 responses. It didn't take any genius to figure that we could sell CD's during the off-tax-season. Since CD-ROM technology was still in development, we found ourselves without much competition. About the time the '94 tax season came around we decided to close E-Tax since we were too busy shipping CD's. The CD-ROM industry has grown to the point that everyone is selling CD's and all the software that used to be produced on floppies are now done on CD-ROM. config.sys became heavily involved in publishing projects, consulting, and managing information. We define the combination of the Internet and CD-ROM storage technology as "Information Technology". config.sys has become respected in managing this information technology. now also provides Internet access services throughout North America and has hosted or produced commercial information technology for clients Worldwide.

Life Affiliations:

Former Boy Scout - rank of Tenderfoot 1970 - 1973
Former Sysop of, The Blue Parrot BBS 10/88 - 3/90
Former FidoNet 1:157/479 10/89 - 1/96
Moderator and founder of the newsgroup
Moderator and co-founder of the (Akron, Ohio Area commerce) newsgroup
Masonic Lodge Unity #12, Ravenna, Ohio
Eastern Star, Bolivar, Ohio
System Administrator and co-founder with my brother Billy (deceased 2003) of The GlobalPeace.Net Project
I no longer have time to maintain active memberships in club and organization affiliations other than professional. I'm now involved heavily with many non-profit businesses as a webmaster, consultant, network administrator, etc... which keeps me very busy, although I may not have formal memberships with all of these organizations;^)


My Honorable Discharge from the USMC
My Honorable Discharge from the USMC

Military History:

USMC, Feb 18th 1974 - July 9th 1976 Boot Camp at Parris Island, South Carolina I served with Lima Company 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines during the Vietnamese Evacuation in the Spring of '75 as a guard for the Supreme Judge of Saigon and his family for about six months. After guard duty was over I was fortunate to serve in H&S Company 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, as a Chaplain's Assistant for Navy Lt. John L. FitzGerald. Chaplain FitzGerald was president Kennedy's first cousin and served as a Navy Catholic Chaplain for the U.S. Marines. Working as his clerk was one of the highlights of my life ;^)


Attended Carlisle Military Academy, Bamberg, SC., Attended Kent State University, 2 years on the Vietnam GI-Bill., Served as the Director of Marketing for the Kent Economic & Development Institute, Kent, Ohio 1979-1982 (Dr. Vladimir Simunek, President), and as the last President of the Vietnam Veterans Association at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio (George Urban, advisor)

Life achievements:

On November 11th, 1996 I was contacted by "Who's Who of American Executives and Professionals". It became official on December 4th 1996. Side note: I later found out they contact anyone who's been in a profession long enough... to buy their books! I guess I'm just a hard working guy.

Over the years of my involvement with computers I've participated in several university graduate student research projects, had a quote published in Fortune Magazine on May 5th 1994 (page 39-40), been published in books (Thank you Sue Schofield for "Internet Resources in the UK" and being the first) and and have been interviewed by reporters for such respectable newspapers and publications around the World including "The Hi-Tek Report", "The Seybold Report", "The Tokyo Neppi", "The London Guardian", & a paper from Moscow, Russia I can't begin to pronounce much less spell;^)

I'd publicly thank the many people who have helped me pursue what proved to be a good idea, but there are too many to list!

Life Goals:

To make a contribution toward the dissemination of "Information Technology" and to create a few employment opportunities in the process! UPDATE: On Feb 19 2013 The Secretary of the state of Ohio approved the articles for a non-profit charity organization legal name GlobalPeace.Net, Inc. and the Federal registration includes the DBA The Global Peace Internet Foundation.

It is also my goal to develop a journal which will include those that have helped me make a difference.

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  • Bridges over the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail and Tuscarawas river from the corner of my Bolivar, Ohio property.

    Bridges over the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail and Tuscarawas river from the corner of my Bolivar, Ohio property.

  • The Ohio-Erie canal, Greenville treaty line, Western Union, Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad, old trail & Internet intersection.

    The Ohio-Erie canal, Greenville treaty line, Western Union, Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad, old trail & Internet intersection.