Peace Treaty Towpath Trail Snack Shack

Today, more than 2.5 million people use the Towpath Trail every year. It runs over 85 miles from Tuscarawas county to Lake Erie.

Proposed Peace Treaty Towpath Trail Snack ShackOur family is  planning to turn the little barn into a Peace Treaty Towpath Trail Snack Shack in 2017. On April 24, 2017, the IRS Federal Employer Identification Number EIN number 82-1286139 was assigned to Joe Rinehart DBA Towpath Trail Snack Shack. A Tuscarawas county, Ohio vendor's license from the Auditor's office is required before we may sell granola to the bikers, canoeist, fishermen, & hikers crossing the nearby Stark-Tuscarawas county line.

We offer Amish goods, jerky, prepackaged trail-mix, granola & related healthy locally produced products, ice cream, cold bottled water, tee-shirts, photographs, post cards and such to the bikers and hikers enjoying the trail.

In May 2016, my family donated a 12' legal easement of our property frontaA view from the Proposed Peace Treaty Towpath Trail Snack Shackge to allow Towpath Trail development to close the last remaining gap in the trail between Scenic Byway route 800 in Dover, Ohio to the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland. In Sept 2016 the village of Bolivar, Ohio and the Bolivar Mainstreet Association Towpath Trail Committee developed the trail from downtown Bolivar to about 20 feet from my property line. In 2017-18, the towpath trail will be developed across my property to the 12' 6" low Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad bridge on Scenic Byway Route 212 to the McDonnell Bolivar aqueduct trailhead.

Our property is the also the location of an historical intersection of the Greenville Treaty Line, the Ohio-Erie canal, Towpath Trail, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad, Scenic Byway Route 212 section, Western Union telegraph lines (several poles still standing) and the Ohio Buckeye Trail.

The Greenville Peace Treaty was the first peace treaty authorized by George Washington and the US Congress.

A mile east on the Towpath Trail is Fort Laurens Museum which is specifically mentioned in the treaty (not the museum, but the fort name which was also misspelled as Lawrence). Fort Laurens, south of what is now known as the village of Bolivar, Ohio, is Ohio's only revolutionary war fort.

More information about the Greenville Treaty can be found at URL:

I've been working closely with Chairman Dick Lebold throughout the Bolivar Towpath Trail development and have been making regular updates to a Facebook page at URL:

I mentioned to Dick that I'd love to donate a little extra easement property near where the historical Greenville Treaty Line crosses the Ohio-Erie canalway towpath trail toward establishing a Peace Park rest area for public use. This would also compliment the snack shack concept while promoting Ohio's early history.

I may also establish an independent GoFundMe account for this purpose since it'll benefit property I currently own and am willing to utilize for public benefit. Goals being discussed include a picnic table rain shelter, trash containers, free water resource from our Tuscarawas River Buried Valley Watershed aquifer,

The idea of applying for an Ohio Historical Marker to be placed on the actual Treaty Line intersection of the Towpath Trail on our property has also been discussed with several parties!

Imagine if we placed a native American tipi large enough for group meetings of 36 people that 18 could potentially sleep comfortably being available for rental. No doubt, there are more ideas than money, but one thing at a time could prove to become a fun educational adventure for all ages into history. Of course, it always takes money, but I'm optimistic that it could be raised or developed in stages upon any level of potential success.

More information about the Towpath Trail is available at URL:

May 1-4, 2017: Acquired and setup the domain Facebook business page which received 69 follows and 68 likes within the first 48 hours, and also setup a Twitter profile at which will be integrated soon.

Thursday May 25 2017: Acquired a mobile hot dog trailer from Ohio's oldest Drive-in, Lynn Auto Theatre. This will allow us to promote the Towpath Trail Snack Shack & Peace Park at various community events along the towpath trail. It also allows us to develop our Snack Shack in stages as revenue permits since we need to renovate the shack to include plumbing, electric, and everything else required to maintain a food service license at this permanent location.

August 3rd 2017: We passed and recived our Tuscarawas County Health Department Mobile Food Service License permit for the State of Ohio!



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  • Bridges over the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail and Tuscarawas river from the corner of my Bolivar, Ohio property.

    Bridges over the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail and Tuscarawas river from the corner of my Bolivar, Ohio property.

  • The Ohio-Erie canal, Greenville treaty line, Western Union, Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad, old trail & Internet intersection.

    The Ohio-Erie canal, Greenville treaty line, Western Union, Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad, old trail & Internet intersection.