Internet Marketing Career Anniversary

Today, I logged into my account on LinkedIn and was reminded that this month is the 24th anniversary of my formal Internet marketing career using the domain name that I registered Jan 31 1994! I'm still quick to point out that my Internet e-Commerce career actually got started just after the 1992 (April '93) tax season when I started selling single spin CD-ROM disc's mostly to university students, faculty, and the few companies on the 'net at the time!

I got started at a time when the NSF's Office of Advanced Computing financed the Internet's infrastructure from 1984 until 1994 and commerce was taboo. I established what was known as a USENET newsgroup (now known as Google Groups) and provided CD-ROM reviews to the educational and research markets using the Internet. At the bottom of each review posted was a statement to the effect "This disc may be available for-sale by me" which is the basic story of how I became one of the first people to sell on the 'net. Go figure, I got away with it by providing information about a new form of technology at the time ;)



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