Search "search engine optimizer" on Google to hire me!

I'm please to announce that you can easily find me on Google by searching for the string "search engine optimizer" via Google at URL: if you'd like to contract my skills to help you or your business "DO GOOD ON THE 'NET" too! ;)

My name is Joe Rinehart and you should find me just under the #1 listing which is: Google's "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Webmaster Tools Help" page. I suppose I shouldn't boast too loudly since the Search Engine Result Rank (SERP) isn't number one, but then, only Google themselves beat me to that position. Well, one shouldn't expect less, after all, I'm the Author of the 1st commercial URL advertised in a computer magazine several years before the Internet was commercial and have studied Internet E-commerce from the ground up professionally since 1993!

I'm currently available for full-time employment with the right company or on a contract basis.

Thank you for your consideration!

Best 'net regards,

Joe Rinehart, SEO