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I have an extensive background with Internet e-commerce and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting solutions which precede the commercialism of the Internet. I'm very proud of that fact and, chances are, more than you wish to know about me is within or linked from this web site.

I've included both a professional SEO consulting and a personal blog in a re-designed web site to make it easier for people to follow me, in business and life.

There are also several ways my last name is often misspelled, which include: Reinhart, Rhinehart, Rinehardt, Rineheart, Rhineheart, Reinhardt, however, the surname I was born with is Rinehart.

This domain may be for-sale, if the price is right ;)

I've owned the domain since October 2006!

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The Holiday Light Store, a brick and mortar store in Raleigh, North Carolina selling outdoor Christmas lighting yard-art and Manufactured in America Christmas Decorations for most all holiday lighting options. Animated outdoor yard art lighting, Valentines Day lighting, Outdoor Religious lights, Easter lighting, Saint Patrick's Day outdoor decorative lighting, Forth of July Independence day outdoor yard art lighting, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all other occasions!

You can also find the Holiday Light Store on their Facebook business page at URL:

The Holiday Light Store

Internet Marketing Career Anniversary

Today, I logged into my account on LinkedIn and was reminded that this month is the 24th anniversary of my formal Internet marketing career using the domain name that I registered Jan 31 1994! I'm still quick to point out that my Internet e-Commerce career actually got started just after the 1992 (April '93) tax season when I started selling single spin CD-ROM disc's mostly to university students, faculty, and the few companies on the 'net at the time!