1st URL advertised in a computer magazine

I was digging around (now known as the way back machine) for a copy of one of the actual ads that I authored and ran in Computer Shopper between Oct '93 and Oct '94 a couple of years before the Internet was commercial for an interview today with The Daily Kent Stater at Kent State University and found one from Oct '94.

Historical 1993-94 Internet ad in Computer Shopper
1993-94 Internet ad in Computer Shopper

Usually when I tell people about my 15 minutes of fame according to Andy Warhol they'll respond "but we all know that Al Gore invented the Internet". I'll smile and respond I don't claim to have invented the 'net, or wish to take anything away from either Al Gore or Tim Berners-Lee, just having attempted to capitalize on it as ethically as possible at the time through traditional print media instead of spam (still a bad thing), for which I'm very proud to have been at the right place at the right time in history.

Public Relations Damage Control - Reverse SEO

I've been helping e-commerce clients with their Search Engine Optimization since the early days of Yahoo. As the years have past we've ( been receiving more frequent emails and telephone calls regarding how to repair public relations damage by a competitor, disgruntled client, former employee, or to get a web page with undesired information out of the search engines which may show up highly on the engines, and most often, specifically Google....