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The importance of domain prepayment for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

Googles Search Engine Patent
Googles Engine Patent

It’s in Googles Patent… but not the end of the story! Googles Patent application became public information according to United States Patent Application 20050071741 on March 31, 2005 Serial No.: 748664 Filed: December 31, 2003.

That day I went home to read the legaleze mixed with geek speak and attempt to make whatever sense I could out of it. I have to confess, I still find myself re-reading it and trying to keep as up to date as I can with the evolution of several of their many patents. ;)

When I got to Section [0096] Domain-Related Information I was very interested indeed because I knew it could effect hundreds that I manage Domain Name Service (DNS) for. Before I share the details of the story of how I tested the sole value of the prepaid domain issue on Google and in my mind, I’d like to quote the Patent Application with a special attention to item [0099]: