Tusky Valley Business Directory is now in a Facebook page tab

Tuscarawas Valley Business DirectoryI'm very excited to announce that we've integrated our Tusky Valley Ohio Communities Directory as a tab available from our Facebook business page! 

You may now use our Tuscarawas county area database of people to see, places to go and things to do in our beautiful region... without having to leave or logout of Facebook! 

To check out the application directly from our Facebook business page, visit URL:

Why Support the Tusky Valley Local School District levy

Tusky Valley Ohio Local School District logoSupport the Tusky Valley Local School District levy!

The TV Local Schools Emergency Operating Levy will appear as ISSUE 7 on the May 6 ballot. Early voting begins April 1 from 8:00 am-5:00 pm at the County Courthouse in downtown New Philadelphia.

Here's a few reasons my wife Rose & I are in favor of supporting the Tusky Valley Ohio Local School District levy:

Internet Marketing Career Anniversary

Today, I logged into my account on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/joerinehart/ and was reminded that this month is the 24th anniversary of my formal Internet marketing career using the config.com domain name that I registered Jan 31 1994! I'm still quick to point out that my Internet e-Commerce career actually got started just after the 1992 (April '93) tax season when I started selling single spin CD-ROM disc's mostly to university students, faculty, and the few companies on the 'net at the time!

Tuscarawas County Communities Directory of Tuscarawas Valley Ohio

Tuscarawas county Ohio communities directoryAnnouncing the Tuscarawas Valley Ohio communities directory of Tuscarawas county, Ohio!

The "Tuscarawas Valley Ohio Communities Directory" project was established to serve the community and businesses and organizations of Tuscarawas County, Ohio! The community directory website is at URL: https://tuscarawasvalleyohio.com/ aka https://tuskyvalleyohio.com

A partnership between Joe Rinehart, config.com, and Ken McGregor of ArtArmory.com using KentOhio.Net as a model, is developing an advertising supported multi-media magazine from The Tuscarawas Valley Ohio communities directory new website foundation. The new on-line Tuscarawas Valley Ohio website features sections which include: a So-Lunar calendar for best times to go fishing on the Tuscarawas river,  the best places to eat, churches and synagogues, Amish country, Education, Travel & Tourism information with a focus on the area's rich American history.