PayPal Local opens door for local Internet marketing opportunity

PayPal HerePayPal Here (Formerly PayPal Local) opens door wide for regional Internet marketing!

The growing use of Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and other smart-phones surfing of the web is undeniable! In the United States over the past several years Internet cell phone usage has grown over 100% annually. Today in the US and Europe over 90 percent of mobile subscribers have an Internet-ready cell-phone.

Yesterday, while visit a friend in Canton, Ohio I discovered a new Local or Regional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunity of the growing usage of smart-phone applications for today’s technology. Upon taking advantage of the new fast speeds of 4G to update my Android Smartphone from a Loews store parking lot using the Verizon 4G network, I found myself checking out a new update for my PayPal mobile application

Ohio SEO expert consultant available for Ohio's economic stimulus recovery

SEO expert Joe Rinehart
SEO expert Joe Rinehart at Canton, Ohio computer club in 1993

It's been a long time since this picture of me was taken while discussing information technology at a Canton, Ohio computer club in 1993!

It seems that everyone is an expert at something when the investment is knowledge based.... I have studied and labored toward the goal of ranking web sites highly in the search engine optimization which has earned a proven track record. I'm currently soliciting Ohio based businesses that I might further help make a difference with web site traffic.

I encourage you to surf my personal web site, read my resume, study my credentials, join my professional linkedin.com network, or twitter account... You may also wish to check out my company web site at http://www.config.com , do a few Google searches, call a few clients, ... then give me a call to discuss your Search Engine Optimization needs!

Be warned though, I love my job, life, and family, and if I should start talking too much off topic just say so... In any regard, I know that you'll enjoy an informative conversation about Internet e-commerce and l'll leave you wondering what else does this guy know about the 'net!

1st URL advertised in a computer magazine

I was digging around archive.org (now known as the way back machine) for a copy of one of the actual ads that I authored and ran in Computer Shopper between Oct '93 and Oct '94 a couple of years before the Internet was commercial for an interview today with The Daily Kent Stater at Kent State University and found one from Oct '94.

Historical 1993-94 Internet ad in Computer Shopper
1993-94 Internet ad in Computer Shopper

Usually when I tell people about my 15 minutes of fame according to Andy Warhol they'll respond "but we all know that Al Gore invented the Internet". I'll smile and respond I don't claim to have invented the 'net, or wish to take anything away from either Al Gore or Tim Berners-Lee, just having attempted to capitalize on it as ethically as possible at the time through traditional print media instead of spam (still a bad thing), for which I'm very proud to have been at the right place at the right time in history.