Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review

I'm currently available to perform a one-time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Review of your web site homepage index for a one time reasonable introduction fee!

I'll review your web site and write a detailed report via email of what is wrong with your site or what may not be implemented that should be and what you may do to correct any issues.

  • Email support
  • Telephone support including my personal contact information for non-business hours up to 5 hours
  • Written email reviews upon request (If you didn't complete the previous recommended tasks, you'll get the same again).

Projects I've enjoyed helping

A few web projects I've enjoyed the opportunity to host, consult, or serve in some capacity include:

  • The Global Peace Network - The Dream is to establish this project as a 501 C3 to offer free hosting toward the dissemination of socially conscience or information of public value.
  • United Nations Job Opportunities - Strategic alliance with a peer, friend, and former client from Geneva, Switzerland who maintains some good ideas.