I'm Joe Rinehart in Bolivar, Ohio.
I'm a Marine veteran, a Dad, a widower, and an advocate for veterans' rights and land conservation. My daughter graduated high school this year, and I want her to be able to have good job opportunities and be able to get good health care, without having to leave Ohio. I want to represent you in the Ohio House of Representatives, 51st District, Tuscarawas County and part of Stark County.

I became a United States Marine as a young man. I was the youngest Marine to participate in the evacuation of Saigon and served as a Guard for the Supreme Judge of Saigon and his family for about six months and I am proud that the most important action I took as a Marine SAVED lives rather than taking lives.

After completing my enlistment in the Marines, I attended Kent State University in the veterans' educational GI-Bill program. I served as President of the Kent State Vietnam Veterans Association and worked with Senator John Glenn to improve benefits for my fellow veterans.

I took an oath as a Marine to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That's why I am a candidate now because our Constitution is under attack.

Folks who never served our country are attacking our right to vote. Some are trying to overthrow our elections. Some are trying to rig our elections with unconstitutional districts. Some have taken money from First Energy to let First Energy charge us more for our electric service. Some have taken money from companies to let them drill our park lands to make themselves billions in profits from our oil and gas and pay the lowest company taxes in the country to drill that oil and gas.

I started an Internet service company that never made me rich but provided me with an income for many years until I sold it for enough to buy my parents' property in Bolivar, where I now live. I helped organize the Ohio-Erie Canalway Coalition easement contracts from the Tuscarawas County line to the village of Bolivar and have developed our property for recreational use, along the Historic Greenville Treaty Line and the Ohio-Erie Canal Towpath Trail, Buckeye Trail, and Great American Rail Trail. I am committed to preserving Ohio's heritage and natural beauty and improving trail-tourism economic opportunities.

Join me in protecting our vote from rigged elections and protecting our State from corporate profiteers who destroy our land to increase their fortunes.

Paid for by Rinehart Campaign Committee