I have an extensive background with marketing on the Internet which proceeded with its commercialism. I authored the first advertised URL or Internet address in Computer Shopper in 1993 to sell CD-ROM technology back in the days of a single spin. In April of 1994, I received my last paycheck from our family cemetery business and established a company called config.sys which evolved into being an Internet Service Provider through December 2019. I've continued to consult with Internet development and marketing since, however, choose the projects I'm involved in based on investment and available time these days.

In 2015, my family donated an easement to the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition to close the last remaining gap on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to Tuscarawas County, Ohio from Cleveland, Ohio. I retired in April 2019 and established the Towpath Trail Snack Shack & Peace Park to supplement retirement while having fun doing good in the process.

I reside with my family in a historic canal house that was moved in the early 1960s from the Sandy Beaver aqueduct that ran east from a downtown northern section of the village of Bolivar from a corner lot (of three) where I-77 was built over.  The corner of the property that the canal house was moved to is now near a 12" 6" low bridge and represents what I believe to be the only known intersection of America's entire communications and transportation industries. This intersection represents the entire evolution of America's communications and transportation industries history of an old Indian trail, Greenville Peace Treaty line (Fort Laurens, Ohio's only Revolutionary war fort and referred to within the treaty), Ohio-Erie Canalway, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad, Western Union telegraph, AT&T lines, electric power lines (data can be transferred on), paved roadway, fiber optic, and on occasion overhead airplanes & satellite.

The Towpath Trail Snack Shack was impacted by the COVID-19 quarantine from the start of 2020. Upon learning that various events including the largest we participate in, the Great Trail Festival were being canceled, it was decided to not renew my mobile food service license in 2020 and to focus on establishing the Towpath Trail Peace Park primitive campsites. While foodservice events closed down completely for 2020, we were surprised to start receiving primitive campsite bookings since May, even before the towpath trail was developed across our property.

The Towpath Trail Peace Park booked over 91 campsites throughout the first 2020 camping season with a Hipcamp booking partnership which also protects campers with a million-dollar insurance policy. In August 2020 we decided to also offer primitive campsite bookings on The Dyrt camping directory at https://thedyrt.com/camping/OH/towpath-trail-peace-park but dropped their online booking in 2021 due to calendar synchronization issues and we can't take a chance on overbooking. Therefore, all campsites must be now be booked through Hipcamp and we pointed the domain http://book.towpathtrailpeacepark.com to make it easier.

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