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Joe Rinehart at a Canton Ohio computer club
Joe Rinehart at a Canton Ohio computer club in 1993

Welcome to the Joe page!

I'm Joe Rinehart formerly of Ravenna, Ohio, now residing just outside the village of Bolivar, Ohio. Carl Knorr who first thought of the name and I co-founded the company config.sys which later evolved into the name to avoid confusion between a few other config somethings throughout the World.

This photo of me was taken by "The MusicMan" of the Buckeye Computer Club in Canton, Ohio while I was discussing "Information Technology" in 1993. I've since cut my hair to Marine corps standards.

In 1999, I helped develope a company called Config.Com, Inc.. These days I keep very busy managing and consulting on information technology and electronic publishing projects. Although, I am the President of Config.Com, Inc. for legal reasons, however, I really prefer to use the title Network Administrator since several others enjoy helping within our corporate environment.

If you are interested in more personal information about me you will find it on my bio page.

The collection of CD-ROM reviews that first got World-wide attention which I started before the web, is no longer available or on-line. With the help from Zbigniew Tyrlik of Apk.Net we created the newsgroup, then with Ian Vershuren formerly of Apk.Net a homepage for the project in the early days of web development which was the first web page in Ohio. This is a hard thing to prove these days as even didn't exist back then, but that's OK, because there were plenty of other firsts. It was also during this era that I authored the first URL ever advertised in a computer magazine (Computer Shopper Oct 1993 - Oct 1994).

Over the years the entire early staff of Apk.Net has made contributions toward the success of the project! The project has received as many as 731,000 total page requests weekly. The project went off-line in Oct 1996 due to the high traffic and that we no longer sold CD-ROM titles to fund it or had sponsorship. I might point out that several larger companies started their own review programs rather than offer sponsorship funding for ours which was discouraging. Although I no longer collect CD-ROM reviews, I still monitor the newsgroup when time permits.

Child Search
My first non-profit web project

I had a lot of fun working with Dr. Brandon Ward in 1995 consulting for Child Search which lead to the placing their worthy charitable organization on the web. Dr. Ward, has since found T-3 hosting sponsorship, learned HTML and has been editing the web site with the same enthusium in which he founded the organization. These days, not much is left of the orginial site except the scanned images;^)

The Akron, Ohio Area Internet Directory was the first of several community Internet directories which I created is now also off-line since these days the yellow pages of every kind are database driven and keep current information. The Akron community directory project was recognized by Compton's on-line encylopedia, a book "It's raining cat's and sea dog's" (about minor league baseball), and in several newspaper articles.

Our Kent, Ohio Area Community directory has since become our model community directory due to access of information as a result of a high degree of support from: The Kent, Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Kent, Ohio, Kent State University, the local school system, and of course, the citizens. Ken McGregor of the has since taken over the active management of the project which has now been online for over a decade.

Our company maintains a single guestbook of all combined projects which is always pleasant reading. Please consider contributing your public comments as well.

On June 4th 1996 config.sys Productions, Ltd. started providing Internet services in Portage County, Ohio through a sales agreement with Apk.Net. We used the Internet services resellor opportunity to further develope our cybercafe (public access) market research project and became the 1st "Public Access" high speed T-1 site in Ohio. In 1997 config.sys Productions, LLC was closed and on On December 24th, 1998, we restructured to expand our well known commercial services to include consumer dial-in services and are no longer associated with!

On July 1st 1997, one of the former principles left the company to develope his own Internet services alliance in Portage county so we restructured the company to become Config.Com, Inc. and Config.Sys Productions, LTD. was disolved legally. Ironically, the new competition (Nacs.Net) bought their bandwidth connection from Apk.Net ;^) We choose NOT to purchase our bandwidth from another ISP, but rather, wholesale direct to the Internet OC-3 backbone via full T-1. This fact in addition to the state of the art network hardware listed on our consumer dial-in access server allow us to offer the highest quality of access possible for our Portage County, Ohio communities.

Since around July of 1997, I've been keeping busy developing the config.sys/ commercial internet clients and helping whomever I can get connected. Prior to July of '97 we focused on publishing community content for Northeast Ohio.

I enjoy editing community Internet directories, educational pages, The GlobalPeace.Net Project and several other non-profit or socially conscience publishing projects in my spare ;^) time.

I also serve as a Internet consultant and/or project manager for hundreds of clients and the domains hosted on our servers, and also several domains which are hosted on other servers.

During my career which is now almost in it's second decade, I've had opportunities to help in some capacity with a lot of non-profit or socially conscience projects with their Internet solutions, a few of which include:

    * Child Search
    * The National Association of the Physically handicapped
    * Kent State May 4th 1970 ( and
    * Charity Barter Banc
    * Katrina Housing Foundation (KatrinaHousingFoundation.Org)
    * The Akron Digital Academy (the remote learning program for the Akron, Ohio public school system)
    * The Cleveland Clinic (MRI transmission)
    * A rare disease medical research database
    * Olympic Gold Medalist Butch Reynolds Care for Kids Foundation (
    * A World of Difference (Cambodia World Family Sponsor (
      and others listed on-line.

The company I founded also provides Internet access throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico using multiple network providers serving over 15,000 cities.

Jan 2008 Update: Internet services has continued to evolve with technology changes. As the dial-up market migrated toward cable, DSL, and broadband wireless, config has continued to conduct growth with e-commerce web site projects. In the process of figuring out how to market Nationally, we found ourselves involved in the barter trade industry. Due to our success from the start, we established The Internet Barter Exchange and started focusing on services we excelled in and found a demand for. What I always refered to as Electronic markeing became an industry of itself now known as Search Engine Optimization or the acronym SEO. By the time 2008 came along, we've lost a little over 50% of our dial-up Internet subscriber base, but found our selves getting calls Worldwide for SEO, web hosting, and other consulting opportunities. I joke about having become "barter rich" because of the revenue drop of our more profitable dial subscribers, but the fact is, we are working on some very interesting stuff almost all the time and keep moving forward gradually helping others "do good", one client or commercial referal at a time.

You may also be interested in reviewing our time table and surfing our web site for the most current ionformation.

These days I'm still riding the third cyberwave of the information age and loving every millisecond second! Join me at the beach;^)


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  • Bridges over the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail and Tuscarawas river from the corner of my Bolivar, Ohio property.

    Bridges over the Ohio-Erie canal towpath trail and Tuscarawas river from the corner of my Bolivar, Ohio property.

  • The Ohio-Erie canal, Greenville treaty line, Western Union, Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad, old trail & Internet intersection.

    The Ohio-Erie canal, Greenville treaty line, Western Union, Lake Erie & Wheeling Railroad, old trail & Internet intersection.