Annual SEO Retainer

I'm available on an Annual SEO retainer via telephone or email to answer your questions and make periodic reviews of your web site to keep moving it up in the search engines.

  • Email Support
  • Telephone support
  • Written email reviews upon request
  • Up to two hours monthly average

My sales spiel is simple: I have a proven track record and references in many industry's including some that are very competitive! Just do a Google search for the string "National Internet Services Provider" to see what I've done with my own company which competes with all the big boy telephone companies like Verizon's 2007 1.3 billion advertising budget, or check out the Google string "food service newspaper" which I gave guidance for client who publishes a high quality newspaper for the New York metro food service industry!

A few highly competitive SEO industry strings include:

email reviews for documentation.

Joe does not perform the labor or do your web masters work! A team member is available for an additional webmaster pay rate or per page and only on a cash basis. Please also note that I will not contract with any company that I havent first performed a one-time SEO review with!

Special pricing is available for small business with less than 2 employees on an annual grant basis, please inquire.

$6,000 USD Annually