Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review

I'm currently available to perform a one-time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Review of your web site homepage index for a one time reasonable introduction fee!

I'll review your web site and write a detailed report via email of what is wrong with your site or what may not be implemented that should be and what you may do to correct any issues.

  • Email support
  • Telephone support including my personal contact information for non-business hours up to 5 hours
  • Written email reviews upon request (If you didn't complete the previous recommended tasks, you'll get the same again).

My sales spiel is simple: I have a proven track record and references in many industries including some that are very competitive! Just do a Google search for the string "National Internet Services Provider" to see what I've done with my own company which competes with all the big boy telephone companies like Verizon's 2007 1.3 billion advertising budget, or check out the Google string "food service newspaper" which I gave guidance for my client who publishes a high quality newspaper for the New York metro food service industry! The best reference available is within the SEO industry itself by Googling "e commerce Optimizer", "e commerce SEO Optimizer", "Internet ecommerce consultant", "Internet ecommerce SEO consultant", "Internet SEO ecommerce consultant" , "hourly rate and search engine optimization", "Annual SEO retainer", and such strings and chances are you'll smile and give serious consideration to my abilities to help!

Emailed reviews for documentation. I'll find the problems and make recommendations to correct them.

If you have an existing web site which was produced using frames, 100% Flash, or too heavy in Java code. You will need to convert your site to a format that the search engines can indeed index and I'll recommend a content management system (CMS) like Drupal, or Joomla....

I'll guarantee satisfaction 100% after one full year only on the condition all documented by email recommendations made by me were completed by you or your team!

I do not perform the labor or do your web masters work! A team member is available for an additional webmaster pay rate or per page and only on a cash basis. 

Frankly, I do NOT compete with cheap! If you expect to make a gazillion dollars with your web site do you really expect to do it with a .99 cent SEO book, or by sending mass emailing to millions of users without their permission? This web site SEO review service is designed to introduce the quality of my SEO consulting services at a below industry average affordable one time fee with the goal of developing a long term relationship!

I also sat of Ohio's first Spam legislation committee and do NOT employ what is know as Black Hat or unethical methods!

Please feel free to contact me for more info, additional references, or any questions!

Thank you for your consideration!

Best 'net regards,

Joe ;)

Founder and President of fun stuff at:

(The domain was established by me in Jan 1994)


I'm also available on an annual retainer, but offer this one time SEO review for those small businesses that may be concerned if they can afford my annual retainer.

A great article put out by Goggle is available for your review to better understand What is SEO and how to choose an SEO consultant

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, comments, or wish me to get to work for you today!

The one-time fee for this Website SEO review service is $750.00


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