Since 2011, Ohio’s state government has been run by a one-party machine. That machine has been bribed by First Energy, by coal, oil, and gas billionaires, by fake private school corporations, and by the very richest class, to exploit Ohio’s natural resources, to get themselves huge tax breaks, and to gut state support of local public schools, townships, and villages. The one-party machine that runs Ohio’s state government has intruded its control into the lives of individual Ohioans, to restrict our rights to use our own land and choose our own health care. The one-party machine has rigged elections in Ohio to keep itself in control, by making it harder for Ohioans to vote, by trying to take away our right to pass our own laws, and by preventing our local towns and cities from protecting us from the corporate greed of the State machine.

The State districts are rigged so it will be very difficult to win a majority of Ohio representatives or senators so that the damage that the one-party machine has done over the past thirteen years can be repaired. If you elect me in this district, this is what I will try to do. 

Break the Monopoly of Corporate Energy Production 
Restore the rights that Ohioans had before the one-party machine to build wind and solar generators on their own land to produce their own power. Restore the authority of local elected governments to limit building pipelines through local property. Stop drilling and mining of Ohio’s public lands for corporate profit. Make corporate profiteers who exploit Ohio’s natural resources pay a fair share of their profits back to Ohioans in severance tax, and require financial safeguards to make sure those profiteers restore our damaged lands after they are done exploiting us.

Protect Public Education for Ohioans 
Restore the funding of our public schools from our State tax dollars that Ohioans had before the one-party machine cut State funding and made Ohioans pay more local taxes to make up for State cuts. Limit the diversion of public school funding to private schools, and make sure fake private schools are no longer able to loot Ohio taxpayers like “Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow” and “Ohio Virtual Academy” did during the one-party machine rule. 

Stop State Interference in Ohioans’ Health Care
Ohioans voted overwhelmingly in 2023 to keep Ohio politicians out of Ohioans’ personal doctors’ offices but the one-party machine still keeps trying to barge in. Do all that can be done to keep politics out of personal decisions on medical care.

Restore the Tax Rate on the Highest Incomes
The multi-million-dollar salaries of First Energy executives should once again pay a fair share of the cost of governing Ohio like they did before they paid the Householder bribes.

In Ohio, the past thirteen years of one-party State government have been an attack on Ohioans who have to work for a living. The wealthiest corporate executives pay lower income taxes to Ohio, so homeowners have to pay higher local taxes so local fire departments can operate. Elect me to try to restore the fairer way of paying for the public services that we had before the one-party machine took control. 

Platform Synopsis
(1) Protect Public Education
(2) Keep Drillers Out of Ohio Parks 
(3) Keep Politicians Out of Our Doctors' Offices
(4) Support Our Unions and Their Members

I intend to represent ALL of the Citizens of Tuscarawas and Stark Counties in District 51, regardless of party.

Paid for by Rinehart Campaign Committee